A Family Guide to Canvas

You may have heard your child will be using something called “Canvas” in Alachua County’s Digital Academy this fall, and you may be wondering what it is or how to use it.

Canvas is the name of the website the school district is using for online teaching. This short Guide was written by parents who use Canvas in their jobs at the University of Florida, and who have kids in Alachua County schools, to give other parents a sense of what your child is doing in front of the screen all day. The school district and your individual school may have additional suggestions, but this is a good starting point.

The guide includes things like:

  • What is Canvas?
  • How families can access the program
  • The difference between Canvas and Zoom
  • How your child will use Canvas at school each day

Thanks to Trysh Travis, UF professor, and her colleagues for their assistance with the creation and translation of this document! If you have additional, more specific questions about Canvas, we encourage you to contact your school.

Also see ACPS Canvas Family Support for more information.

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