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Alachua County Advocates PTA, the legislative advocacy arm of ACCPTA, has the following focus areas for 2018/2019.

Our focus areas are determined based on our local community advocacy survey conducted in summer 2018, Florida PTA position statements and priorities, meetings conducted with school administration and PTA leadership, and a vetting process involving the Advocates PTA and ACCPTA boards.

Half Cent Sales Tax Initiative for School Facilities 

EVERY school in Alachua County has some unmet facilities needs due to lack of state funding and suppression of local revenue sources. These needs are not going to be met without an additional local revenue source. The reduced ability to maintain or improve our facilities will negatively impact the learning environment of our children. We endorsed and supported the Half Cent Sales Tax referendum in November 2018, and we now support the implementation of district-wide facilities improvements.

Campaign for Children’s Trust

The Children’s Services Council’s primary focus will be to provide comprehensive, supplemental services to support children’s initiatives, including early childhood education and after school programs. These programs will have a tremendous impact on children of school age. We endorsed and supported the Campaign for Children’s Trust referendum in November 2018, and we now support the implementation of programs that will help all children county-wide.


Our #REDforED campaign aims to increase awareness of the statewide teacher shortage through social media. We are also asking the community to wear red the first Monday of every month. Buy your ACCPTA #REDforED t-shirt here!

Testing in Our Schools

The number one priority from our community advocacy survey was reducing the number of tests our children taken, and reducing the high stakes placed on those tests. We are working on this on a local and state level.

School Closures

We hope to work with state legislators to return school closure decisions to local control in order to ensure decisions are made in the best interest of the community.