Advocacy Resources

Our local PTA units and others in the community can use these resources to help spread the word about our local and statewide advocacy efforts.

This Alachua County Advocates PTA #REDforED campaign aims to raise awareness of the statewide teacher shortage and what can be done to help our teachers.

Why is this happening, and what we can do
Gainesville Sun article on the Teacher Shortage, from ACCPTA Jan. 2019
Heart & word cloud image
T-shirt sales link (wear red the first Monday of every month)
8 ways to keep teachers in Florida (from the Florida Education Association)
Teacher Appreciation article, from ACCPTA May 2018
REDforED Campaign Launch

Alachua County Advocates PTA supports Tobacco Free Alachua’s efforts to curb youth use of e-cigarettes in Alachua County.

Tobacco Free Alachua Presentation  at ACCPTA General Assembly
Florida Health Dept. stats on e-cigarette use among Alachua County youth
Catch by Breath – free curriculum for middle and high schools
Infographics and fact sheets from the CDC

ACCPTA supports a half cent sales tax for school facilities that will be on the ballot for Alachua County voters to decide on November 6.

Web site
Facebook page
Fliers from ACPS – revitalizing our schools, why facilities matter
Proposed project lists, by school
Video about the facilities crisis
Image – I heart Alachua Schools, 1/2 cent for Alachua Schools
School/PTA Newsletter Article
One-page flyer with talking points
Videos showing facilities needs at local schools

ACCPTA supports a 1/2 mil tax for children’s services that will be on the ballot for Alachua County voters to decide on November 6.

Web site
Facebook page
2-sided tri-fold brochure
2-sided, 1-page flier

Florida PTA is against Amendments 1, 2 and 5 to the Florida Constitution that will be on the ballot for voters across the state to decide on November 6 because of the following member-approved position statement:

TAX LIMITATION (1984) (2012) The Florida PTA opposes any tax limitation by constitutional amendment which would limit the progress being made in attaining the state’s goal for education and for programs that promote the welfare of children and

Sample Ballot with Positions on all ballot amendments/referendums
No on Amendment 5