Vote for children this election season

The ballot that Alachua County voters will see on November 6 (or before) contains a number of  items that will have an impact on children in our state and our local community. Florida PTA and Alachua County Council of PTA’s have researched the items related to public education, and offer the following guidance.

Half-Cent for Public Schools

Many of the school facilities in our community are aging and in need of dire repair, while many are severely overcrowded with major capacity issues. The half-cent sales tax will provide much-needed funding for these issues, which will improve the learning environment of today’s students, and those to come. The funds will be transparent, and overseen by an independent citizens advisory board.

Learn more about the Half Cent, including frequently asked questions
View a list of projects, by school
View ACCPTA’s statement of support

Campaign for Children’s Trust

This 1/2 mil property tax will provide funding for children during the times when they are not in school – before Kindergarten and during after school activities. This funding will also help meet the mental health and emotional development needs of our children at a time when they need it most.

Learn more about the Children’s Trust
View ACCPTA’s statement of support

Alachua County Council of PTA’s is proud to endorse both of these local initiatives.

Constitutional Amendments

Citizens will be also asked to vote on a number of constitutional amendments which, if passed, will be a part of our state governing document for the next 20 years. Three of those amendments (numbers 1, 2 and 5) would limit the state legislature’s ability to raise funding for public goods, including schools. Florida PTA opposes these amendments because they will limit the progress being made in attaining the state’s goal for education and for programs that promote the welfare of children and youth.

View a sample ballot with PTA position statements.

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