ACCPTA Supports a Half Cent Sales Tax to Support our Public Schools

School Facilities: A Dire Need Over the past decade, the Florida legislature and economy have pulled back $168 million from our Alachua County school facilities, while our local population has continued to grow. This has left our schools underfunded, unsupported, and in drastic need of new money for investments. Alachua County schools have dire facilitiesContinue reading “ACCPTA Supports a Half Cent Sales Tax to Support our Public Schools”

Position on Separating Undocumented Children and Families

ACCPTA stands behind this position from the National PTA.   Two of our association’s founding principles are to promote the safety and well-being of all children and youth and to advocate for children and families who are most vulnerable.   We urge our legislators to immediately stop the zero-tolerance policy that is resulting in harmful separation of undocumented childrenContinue reading “Position on Separating Undocumented Children and Families”

Welcome Message from Pam Korithoski

Dear ACCPTA Family, On June 1st, I started a new journey as the new ACCPTA President. I am honored and privileged to represent our County and its 3200 members. It is an honor to serve and work with you. I want to first thank Khanh-Lien Banko, Rik McNeill, Tarcha Rentz and Kim Taylor for theirContinue reading “Welcome Message from Pam Korithoski”