How to Help Your Child Manage Their Emotions

ACCPTA is pleased to launch a series of workshops the first Wednesday of each month titled: Wellness Wednesdays. We are working with family and youth development experts at the University of Florida to provide families with the tools they need to help their children/youth with mental health and wellness. Please join us for our virtual workshop:

How to Help Your Child Manage Their Emotions
Wednesday, March 2nd, 7 pm
In this workshop, we will collaboratively discuss strategies families can use to discuss feelings with your children/youth, as well as coping skills that will help during times of distress. This workshop is designed for families of elementary and middle school-aged children.
Register here:
Erin Corcoran, MS
PhD Candidate,University of Florida Clinical & Health Psychology

Dr. Babetta Mattai, Postdoctoral Psychology Fellow
University of FloridaClinical & HealthPsychology

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