ACCPTA President’s Message, Fall Newsletter 2020

Greetings parents, teachers, students & community members,

PTA has always been about speaking up and advocating for all children, but this year our community has taken it to a whole new level, advocating for kids, their families, and teachers to help ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn and succeed, even through a pandemic. ACCPTA is proud to be a part of this amazing, community-wide effort.

Here are a few ACCPTA highlights from recent months:

  • ACCPTA’s Facebook Group: Alachua County School Closure/Re-Opening Resources has brought together over 5000 members of our Alachua County school community to share resources, ideas, and perspectives.
  • ACCPTA’s Back to School Survey, conducted the third week of school, captured feedback from almost 3,000 families, teachers and students, and results were shared with principals and district leadership.
  • ACCPTA’s new Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee has been busy listening to diverse members of our Alachua County community in an effort to ensure that everyone feels safe, welcome and heard in PTA, as we strive to empower all families & students.
  • All Children are Our Children President’s Program Award  – ACCPTA was honored to receive this award from Florida PTA for its advocacy for children in our community with special needs. Congratulations to our ESE committee for their comprehensive series of family workshops for ESE students.
  • PTA Zoom meetings – Attendance at PTA Zoom meetings is breaking all records, and at many schools we’re seeing a whole new group of parents, teachers & caregivers at the table. Diverse voices bring new perspectives and ideas! 

In closing, I’d like to thank our SBAC teachers, staff and administration for their tireless efforts on behalf of our children and families. I would also like to thank our local unit PTA leaders for all they are doing to support their schools and families, keeping their communities connected no matter where their students are learning. 


Mary Benedict

ACCPTA President 

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