Alachua County Public School families:

Alachua County Public Schools is once again partnering with the Alachua County Health Department, the University of Florida and other community partners to provide free flu immunizations to all students.

Students will be immunized using Flu Mist, a gentle mist sprayed into the nose. It’s a safe and effective way to protect your child and your entire family from the flu.

Health care experts agree that while flu immunizations are always a good idea, they will be particularly critical this year. Not only do they reduce the spread of flu, they can also reduce the severity of the illness and the need for hospitalization, which are very important considerations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To participate, families must fill out and return a consent form. The form and information about the vaccine is attached. It’s also available on the district’s website at

Please review the information and send in your consent form even if you do NOT want your child to receive FluMist. Students attending the Digital Academy will be able to receive their immunizations in person at their school of enrollment. A calendar with immunizations dates for each school is also available on this site. Please plan to submit your form by September 30.

You can either return the form to your child’s school, email it to or fax it to (352) 334-7947.

Flu Mist Packet 

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