School Re-opening Resources

School will look different for everyone this fall, regardless of the option selected. The community is coming together to help one another as we navigate the uncertainty together. We hope the following resources  are helpful for families. Contact us to suggest an addition to this page.

Disclaimer: unless otherwise noted, these resources are not official services being provided by ACCPTA, nor are they endorsed by any PTA. The list is provided for informational purposes only. ACCPTA is not responsible for the messages posted in public forums, nor do we recommend any business over another.

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Join one or more of these groups to connect with other families and teachers and share resources.

Alachua County School Closure Resources
This group was created by ACCPTA as a way for families to share information and resources to help each other while school is closed, and with school opening. The group aims to be a positive place for the community to come together to support each other.

Alachua County Digital Academy Families
This is a group of parents, educators, and other interested parties who are/will be participating in Alachua County’s Digital Academy. They hope this group will be a space to share resources, ask for & offer support, brainstorm collectively and any other action that will help our children have the best possible experience in the Digital Academies.

Alachua County Digital Academy Teachers
This is a Facebook group for Alachua County Digital Academy Teachers to share ideas for resources and best practices.

Alachua County Distance Learning Workgroup
The founders originally created this group to discuss ways to advocate for a robust, accessible, and equitable distance learning option in the school reopening plan. Although the primary goals are around the Digital Academy option, they also support advocacy efforts for making the entire reopening plan as safe, equitable, and accessible as possible for students, staff, faculty, and families. 

On Campus Alachua County Kids
This is a group for Alachua County parents of children ( K-12) that will be attending On Campus school for the 2020-2021 school year! It is also for teachers who are ready to make this year a positive one!


[toggle title=”Childcare Options for Digital Learners”]
These local businesses are providing alternative childcare and/or enrichment for families selecting a digital learning option.

DoArt with Yopp!
Keen Senses Enrichment
O2B Kids
Sun Country Sports


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