Join the Alachua County rainbow hunt

In an effort to brighten streets and neighborhoods and spread a little cheer, children in Brooklyn, NY and Philadelphia, PA have started a rainbow connection. Kids are drawing pictures of rainbows and hanging them up in their windows and front doors so that other kids can see them as they walk by. The idea started in Italy with the slogan “andrà tutto bene”, or “everything will be fine,” with rainbows being a symbol of happiness and smiles. With the stay at home order keeping kids from see their friends or playing on the playground, it’s one small thing they can do to stay in touch and provide a little happiness to each other.

Show Alachua County kids some cheer!
Place a picture of a rainbow and/or a positive message on your front door, in a window, or on your sidewalk/driveway with chalk. Be creative, the sky’s the limit!

Tell us where to find yours by entering your subdivision or street on this sheet. For privacy purposes, we are not asking for full addresses. Note: we are working on sorting and potentially mapping the areas that are doing this for easy reference.

Some Alachua County residents have already gotten into the spirit!





Feel free to contact us with questions:


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