Ask congress to enact sensible solutions to gun violence

The letter below was hand delivered to Senator Rubio on August 21 by our local Moms Demand Action chapter.

You can send a similar letter to our state’s federal representatives to urge them to take immediate action to ensure the safety of our children and our community:
Senator Rick Scott:
Senator Marco Rubio:
Representative Ted Yoho:

Dear Senator Rubio,

I am writing as a resident of the State of Florida and parent, as well as Legislative Chair for the Alachua County Council of PTA’s (ACCPTA). ACCPTA is an umbrella group representing 32 PTA units and over 3,000 members within the Alachua County area, and is part of Florida PTA and National PTA.

With three mass shootings in one week recently, we are very concerned about our community and the safety of our children. Senseless gun violence is plaguing our nation, and people are fearful to go about their daily activities in their communities. As PTA members, we support sensible solutions to end gun violence and urge you to immediately address this national crisis.

We are pleased that the House has taken preliminary steps to address gun violence by passing The Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 (H.R. 8) and both chambers have introduced legislation to help states enact extreme risk laws, provide funding to research gun violence, and ban assault weapons. We urge you, as our Senator, to act immediately to pass these common sense reforms that are supported by a majority of Americans, and help end the epidemic of gun violence in a comprehensive manner.

Practical gun safety and violence prevention legislation will protect not just our children but all Americans from gun violence, while at the same time respecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners. As an elected leader, we urge you to make sure the following legislation is enacted into law:

  • The Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 (H.R. 8) and The Background Check Expansion Act (S.42);
  • The Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2019 (H.R. 1236/S.506);
  • The Gun Violence Prevention Research Act (H.R. 674/S.184);
  • The Assault Weapons Ban of 2019 (H.R. 1296/S.66);

We have all watched in horror as our country has experienced far too many gun-related tragedies. We need immediate change so that no one has to fear for their safety every time they leave home. It is imperative that we work together to enact policy solutions and make meaningful changes that will keep our nation safe.

Thank you for your consideration of this important issue.

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