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Our ESE Committee has partnered with the Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resource System and A Family Network on Disabilities to bring our families with Exceptional Students resources, tools and webinars for them to navigate the world of ESE.  Here are some tips on supporting positive behaviors at home during the summer.  We encourage you to check out their websites at and

Building Positive Behavior in the Summer:

  1. Create new summer routines and follow them. Most families have different schedules in the summer. Create new routines to meet the summer schedule.
  2. Make a summer calendar. This helps your child learn the summer schedule, know what to expect, and have things to look forward to.
  3. Hold your children accountable. Have your kids help clean up, set the table, put their clothes in the hamper. The summer is a great time to encourage and build responsibility. Continue to have high expectations for your child.
  4. Get outside! Find time to play outside every day.
  5. Go on adventures, have new experiences. Build your child’s schema, comprehension, vocabulary, life skills, and more by experiencing new things. This does not have to mean fancy and expensive trips. Go to new parks, a new store, or on an elevator or escalator. Try new foods. Eat dinner outside. Look for bugs. Anything new helps build your child’s understanding of the world and creates confidence in the world and themselves.
  6. Create memories that your child will remember forever.

Courtesy of Stefanie Crosier at FDLRS Springs

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