High Stakes Testing Update

Based on legislation that passed this session, the FSA will be rebranded to the “FAST” beginning next year. What does that mean for standardized testing in our schools? Here’s what we know: Students will continue to take assessments as they currently do (ELA in grades 3 – 10, math in grades 3 – 8, ScienceContinue reading “High Stakes Testing Update”

Action Alert: Funding for Alachua County Schools

As child advocates, we are very disappointed in the budget proposal approved by the House recently that would fine school districts for responding to local conditions and taking appropriate actions to protect our children. While we appreciate that the Senate‚Äôs version of the budget does not include this cut, we hope the cuts will notContinue reading “Action Alert: Funding for Alachua County Schools”

How to Help Your Child Manage Their Emotions

ACCPTA is pleased to launch a series of workshops the first Wednesday of each month titled: Wellness Wednesdays. We are working with family and youth development experts at the University of Florida to provide families with the tools they need to help their children/youth with mental health and wellness. Please join us for our virtualContinue reading “How to Help Your Child Manage Their Emotions”

Advocacy Update: School Bus Driver Shortage

ACCPTA is concerned about the school bus driver shortage in our district and the impact it’s having on students. As many as 27 drivers have been absent at a time for multiple reasons, which leads to buses arriving up to 90 minutes late, or not arriving at all in some cases. Students must wait forContinue reading “Advocacy Update: School Bus Driver Shortage”