Advocates PTA

What is Alachua County Advocates PTA?

Alachua County Advocates PTA is a district-wide PTA unit that serves as the advocacy and legislative arm of ACCPTA. The unit provides a way for community members who may not be affiliated with a particular school PTA to be a part of our mission to advocate for all children in Alachua County.

Our primary goal is to advocate for policy, programs and infrastructure that support children’s needs. Our programs and activities include:

    • Advocating at the local and state level to support our public schools and ensure they have the resources needed to educate all children.
    • Increasing local awareness of legislation at the state level that will affect Alachua County children.
    • Increasing community awareness of local and statewide issues that affect public schools, teachers and children.
  • Serving as a liaison between local PTA members and the Alachua County School District regarding legislative issues.

Joining Alachua County Advocates PTA allows you to support our legislative advocacy efforts, receive our communications, attend our town hall meetings, and be a part of the collective voice of child advocacy in Alachua County.

Advocates PTA Executive Board

Megan Hendricks, President
Rik McNeill, Vice President
Kim Taylor, Treasurer
Mary Benedict, Secretary
Khanh-Lien Banko, Local Advocacy Chair
Sue Legg, Community Outreach Chair

Focus Areas

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